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12/20 First Winter Social for the Central Academy Alumni Network!

Come join us at the 2018 Winter Social for the Central Academy Alumni Network! This is an informal gathering for us to network, meet some new faces and let you know the goals and items we have in store for the future!

*Light appetizers and drinks will be provided*

The social will be in a Community Room at an Apartment complex of a fellow Central Academy Alum! There’s also a chance to win a gift card!
Please pass this on to other alumni and reach out to Thao Pham or Vi Nguyen if you have any questions!

RSVP on this FB event or so we can get a headcount!

Connect with us!

We are looking to find Central Academy alumni, teachers and administrators (former and current)! Can you help us?!

If you haven’t yet, can you fill out this form to stay in touch with us? And if you have, can you tag Central Academy connections who may not be looped in with the Alumni Network yet?

Remember how good we had it at Central Academy? Let’s bring some of that to the alumni network!!

New Leadership

Thank you David and Dan! Thao and I are super excited to build on the incredible work that you both, Kristin, Jean, Andi, and past board members have invested to build our Central Academy Network from scratch!

Central Academy Alumni Network: We’re so glad you’re already in this network! In the coming days, we’ll be reaching out to ask you to help us in growing this network by inviting your classmates and friends from Central Academy. We have all built lasting friendships, and grew in leaps and bounds thanks to Central Academy; let’s see what Central Academy Alumni can do together now to give back! Get in touch with Thao or I anytime if you have ideas, questions, suggestions! Looking forward to working with you all!

-Vi signing in

Alumni Network Raising Funds for Citizenship and DACA Fees for College Applicants

“I come from a family of only one high school graduate out of 8 brothers and sisters... I believe the college application process is hard enough and having to think about how your legal status will affect your college decision is the last thing any prospective college student should be worried aboutBecause the staff at Central Academy provided me with financial, moral, and legal support I was able to become a citizen. (Luis Martinez, recent CA alum)

Luis’s story, although remarkable, is not unique.  The Central Academy Alumni Network is raising funds specifically targeted at the ~$700 filing fee and additional legal costs required in the college application process for students like Luis.  To read Luis’s full story and find out how the Central Academy Alumni Network can help, click HERE