About Us

Our Mission

The Central Academy Alumni Network was established to foster support for the continued excellence in education at the Academy. The Network will serve as a vehicle for fundraising activities, alumni networking, and volunteer efforts to enable the continued success of the Academy.

Our Board

David Gross, ’05

Dexter Rassavong, ’07

Edgar Rosa, ’09

Grace Anshutz, ’13

Laura Peterson Feintech, ’93

Rachel Thune Real ’08

Vi Nguyễn, ’07

Our Board Advisors

Kris Hilton, CA Counselor

Andi Sculfort, ’95

Dan Gross, ’06, Former Co-Chair

Our Class Reps & Volunteers

Missy Morain, ’93

Annika Stroope, ’93

Tyler Abbott, Web Master, ’03

Joel Schneider, ’11

Jordan Summers, ’14

Claire Peterson, ’16

Abbott LaPrad, ’17

Meet the Organizers!